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We are your on-campus bookshop and the solution to all of your textbook needs. "You, above all" is not just our slogan, it's our mission, and one we take very seriously. We know books.

Returns:- Faulty or misprinted books can be returned for a refund, within four weeks of purchase date, with your proof of purchase.

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8:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

Contact Details
Free Phone: 0800 748 266 (0800 SIT BOOKS)
Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext 8705
Location: In the SIT Student Centre, 133 Tay Street, Invercargill (the building to the right of  SIT's Reception, a.k.a "B Block")


Required & Recommended Textbooks

Required texts are those texts which you will need to have in order to do the course. You will need to purchase your own copy. The cost of the required text is not included in any course costs that you have paid already.

Most courses also have recommended readings. You will receive information about recommended readings with your course material. These readings can generally be borrowed through the SIT Library. The recommended readings for your course may be ordered from the SIT Bookshop if you prefer to have your own copy.

Please note that textbooks need to be ordered at least 3-4 weeks prior to commencement of your study.

SIT2LRN Textbook Lists

Ordering Textbooks

You can order your textbooks at any time. If you are not able to get to the bookshop in person, contact the Bookshop by emailing or phone 0800 748 266. We recommend that you only purchase the textbooks for the courses you are currently studying as editions and texts may change from intake to intake. Please allow ten working days for delivery. You will often get your books much faster than this (especially if you fax or email your order), but at the start of semester, delays can occur. If you have not received your books within ten working days, please contact the SIT Bookshop.

Textbook lists are priced in New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax), but exclude freight. If your order is to be delivered outside of New Zealand, you do not have to pay the GST portion of the price. Students who are not resident in New Zealand do not have to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) on their textbook purchases. However if your book is delivered within New Zealand, GST is payable.


If you are unsure please check with the SIT Bookshop.
Phone: +64 3 211 2699 Extn 8705 or 0800 748 266
Prices are quoted on existing stock. New shipments of books may have a price increase.

Studylink Estimate

First contact us for a written estimate including freight. We will email this to you. Take or mail the estimate to Studylink with your completed Studylink course-related costs form. Studylink will direct the money for your books into your bank account. You can then purchase the books you require from us. 

WINZ Estimate

First contact us for a written estimate including freight. We will email this to you. Take the estimate into Work and Income New Zealand. Your contact at Work and Income New Zealand will direct the money for your books through to SIT Bookshop, but you need to ensure that you get a written confirmation of payment to post with your order. Please make sure that you post the order form to the SIT Bookshop along with confirmation of payment.


If you are paying by credit card you can:
Email your order to:
Phone your order to: +64 3 211 2699 extn 8705 or within NZ 0800 748 266

If you pay by credit card, your statement will say that you bought your books from the SIT Bookshop. Please keep this information as a record of the books you have ordered.

You can also mail a cheque with your order made out to:
SIT Bookshop
Private Bag 90114
Invercargill 9840

Second-hand books

SIT Bookshop does not buy or sell second hand books, however there is a Facebook Group that students post their second hand books for sale.


Textbooks are sold on a firm sale basis. However, if the book is defective or damaged please contact the SIT Bookshop. We will be happy to send you another copy and pay for the cost of returning the defective book. We cannot accept books that are returned later than two weeks after purchase. If the book is received by the SIT Bookshop in mint condition (i.e. no writing, highlighting, creased cover etc.), we will refund the cost of the book, less a 10% handling charge. If you withdraw from your course in the first two weeks of course commencement and don’t require the textbook anymore, you can send your book back with:

  • Your payment receipt
  • Your name
  • Daytime contact details (especially your phone number)
  • A photocopy of confirmation from SIT that you have officially
  • withdrawn from study.

Please remember to pack the book properly before sending it back to us. If it is damaged, we cannot accept the return. It is a good idea to wrap the book in paper and then in bubble wrap before returning it. To help us identify your parcel quickly, we would appreciate if you write ‘Returned Textbook’ on the outside of your parcel.

SIT Bookshop News and Reviews

Come in and check out the latest books we have added to our stock. These books would make wonderful gifts or simply for your own reference and use. Lots of fabulous ideas to try and share!


Love Live ForgiveLOVE LIVE FORGIVE is an exciting collection of exclusive interviews with many of the world’s most visionary musicians, artists, and authors.

A unique anthology that explores the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and the creative spirit, sharing insights and reflections on the powerful intersections that exist between artists and creativity.

Edited by Justin St. Vincent



People ToolsPEOPLE TOOLS for Love and Relationships: The Journey from Me to Us

Author: Alan C Fox

Alan shares 50 techniques to help you create deeper, more meaningful relationships. These easy-to-use tools will transform the way you connect with others. Whether you wish to grow your work relationships, expand your circle of friends, or enhance the love between you and your family, Alan Fox will guide you on the challenging but exhilarating journey from me to us.



Deliciously Ella - Ella Woodward

Deliciously Ella is an essential how to guide to clean, plant based eating, taking you through best ingredients and methods for preparing easy exciting meals. This is not a diet-it’s about creating a new mind-set that embraces whole foods that nourish you.



Best Mug Cakes Ever - Monica Sweeney

The Mug Cake is a sweet little homemade confection for one. It can be made at the spur of the moment, uses only one bowl (or mug, to be exact) for both cooking and serving.



250 Best Meals in a Mug - Camilla V. Saulsbury

These single serving recipes provide hot, healthy, tasty, easy meals in minutes-all you need is an appetite, a few ingredients, a microwave and a mug.



Stress-Free Discipline - Sara Au & Peter L. Stavinoha, PhD.

Stress- Free Discipline allows you to pick the best strategy for specific situations with specific kids, based on their age, temperament, and issue.



How to connect with your iTeen: A parenting road map - Susan Morris Shaffer & Linda Perlman Gordon

Bullying, gangs, social media, smartphones, reality TV... meet the real-life firewall for keeping teens safe. This realistic guide shows adults how to reopen communication with their “silent” teenage boys and cut through the drama of teenage girls.