Study English at SIT


SIT's English Language Institute offers a range of intensive English programmes to suit any English learner.

Our expert staff make it easy for you to achieve your English goals and prepare you for success in a wide range of contexts, including for further study and for business.

We offer a range of different English Language courses:

  • General English – Pre-Intermediate
  • General English – Intermediate
  • General English – Upper-Intermediate
  • General English – Advanced

Our highly trained English Teachers will teach you:


You will be encouraged to use a wide range of vocabulary.
You will have opportunities to practice your pronunciation and will be encouraged to communicate confidently and accurately with other English speakers.


You will engage in listening to a wide range of both formal and informal language.

Use of English

You will be instructed in a wide range of grammatical devices.
You will also learn how to use both academic and informal vocabulary in a written context.


You will read a variety of genres and learn techniques for comprehension.
You will employ devices such as skimming and scanning, prediction and inference to find and process information.


You will be taught elements of several different writing genres including techniques required to structure text in an appropriate way. You will receive regular feedback on your progress thanks to our small class sizes and caring professional staff.
You are encouraged to meet with our staff to discuss your progress and needs at all stages of your studies.

English Language Institute fees for international students are extremely competitively priced.

SIT offers General English, for $320.00 per week, or you can take advantage of our generous 26 Week English Scholarship for students wishing to go onto mainstream programmes at SIT. Permanent Residents can apply for 19 weeks of English tuition for just $331.50 - this includes a student ID card.

Medical and Travel Insurance is a compulsory requirement for international students. SIT arranges insurance for you during your time here. This is at a rate of NZ$300 per 26 weeks.

Take advantage of our flexible intakes. We accept students almost every week.  You can begin your course on any week in the year except during SIT holidays.

You can start your course on almost any week you choose, excluding SIT holidays.  Placement testing occurs on a Tuesday to ensure you are put into the class that best suits your learning needs.  The placement test is free.

Complete SIT's International Application form and send it to us with the required documents.

International Application

Classes run for 20 hours per week plus 5 hours of self-study. 

Monday to Friday
9.00am to 12.00noon and 1.00pm to 3.00pm

SIT follows the internationally-recognised University of Cambridge curriculum for English as a Second Language.  Accepted around the world, the Cambridge curriculum will help you learn the English language in an exciting and robust way.  The curriculum is well-resourced and will guide your learning with a focus on Academic English.

You will be carefully assessed on entry and throughout the course.  Progress tests occur at several stages throughout the year.  These provide you with an opportunity to move to higher level classes when appropriate, or progress to your chosen mainstream course.

This course prepares students for the PTE Academic test so that they are able to achieve the required level of English proficiency for mainstream study. Apart from this, it also prepares students to communicate more effectively in the community, in employment and/or in further study options.

If you study English with us, you can live with a local family for at least the first six weeks.  This helps you practice your English in everyday contexts and achieve your proficiency goals faster.  It also gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about New Zealand culture.