Academic Support

It's important that our students are able to access support when they need it in order to sucessfully complete their programmes with us. SIT offers a range of student support services which are available to students from all campuses including SIT2LRN Distance Learning students.

Learning Assistance Unit


Sandra KingSometimes learning isn't as clear as you would like it to be and there are times when you will need a little extra assistance.
The team will assist you with your study skills including; academic reading, writing assignments/essays, maths, concentration, time management, exam techniques, memory skills, note taking and more!

This is a free, confidential service. Sessions are normally done on a one to one basis, but can be arranged in small groups if required.
Appointments can be made by phone, email or by leaving a message on the notice board (if no-one is in the office).

As well as the Learning Assistance Unit, we also offer The Peer Tutoring Scheme to students. If you are having difficulty with your programme content and want assistance, ask your tutor if it would be possible to have a peer tutor appointed to work with you.

The Learning Assistance Office is located in the front foyer of the Library at SIT Invercargill.

Contact : Jerry Hoffman | 




StudiosityDo you ever need study help at 11pm, on a Sunday afternoon, or during breaks?

Get study help, anytime and anywhere with Studiosity.

SIT understands that you need to fit in study around your busy schedule, so we've given all SIT Students free access to the 24/7 ‘Studiosity’ service.

How does it work? When you can’t reach on-campus support, you can get feedback on your writing and referencing - for any course - in less than 24 hours.

You can also connect to a live English, Maths, Science, Business, and other core skills areas, Subject Specialist between 3pm and midnight for help with a question right away.

Please note: Studiosity provides feedback and support on essays, assignments, reports etc that you have already written yourself. Studiosity will not write these essays, assignments, reports etc for you.

Next step: You will find a link to Studiosity within each of your Blackboard courses, you can also find a link on the Blackboard Help page, found under your “Organisations” tab on the homepage of Blackboard.

Upload your first draft of your next assignment to try it out.


Te Awa Rau Māori Mentoring at SIT


Māori StudentTēnā tātau katoa,

A Māori Mentor/Taurapa is a positive role model who meets the same Māori Mentee/Tauihi on a one-to-one basis for a period of time no greater than four hours per month. Mentoring is a paid position.

Under the supervision of a Project Coordinator, the mentor / mentee relationship begins with an initial meeting. The Project Coordinator, mentor, and mentee will review the relationship on an on-going basis thereafter.

Training is provided at the beginning of the programme for the mentor and an induction meeting for the mentee.

The programme also offers regular hui to support social, cultural and academic learning.