SIT is a New Zealand Government Institute of Technology established under the Education Act.  It has decades of experience in preparing students for success in a range of fields. 


SIT holds quality assured status from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and is required to undertake external evaluation reviews at regular intervals, providing assurance to all who receive education from SIT.


SIT’s programmes are accredited and approved by NZQA up to postgraduate level.  SIT has over 200 programmes, from short courses to degrees and Masters study, across a wide range of subject areas.


SIT’s degree-teaching staff are obliged to engage in research work.  Research activity is reviewed annually by NZQA.  SIT’s research outputs draw praise and endorsement from our degree monitors. 


SIT undertakes leading-edge research.  The recently completed Committed Learners project, undertaken by three SIT research staff, is a work of importance to the New Zealand tertiary education sector.  The findings have been distributed to institutes of technology throughout the country.


The SIT International team, along with key staff across SIT, are all trained in the New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.