New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3) - ONLINE
New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3) - ONLINE

New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3) - ONLINE

New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3)

Study apiculture and develop your beekeeping skills and knowledge to be able to work safely and effectively as an assistant beekeeper or to work in the apiculture industry.

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Key Details
Telford Distance

Part-time over 36 weeks or up to two years

Study Modes:
Distance Learning

2021 Semester 8: 30 August to 22 April


This programme falls under the Government's Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund that will allow you to study at no cost. 

Get into apiculture with a certification to show your skills, knowledge and ability to work safely and productively in a beekeeping environment.

You will learn to maintain, manipulate and operate beehives to produce quality products and pollination services; assist transportation of beehives and products; establish hives in new sites and carry out beehive disease management plans.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Bees and their habitat
  • Bee Manipulation
  • Requeening 
  • Honeyflow
  • Bee and Hive health
  • Bee Feeding
You will be able to manage your own beehive, enter the apiculture industry or progress in your apiculture career with this qualification.

This course is delivered online.

Students will need to have access to at least a dozen working hives (that have been wintered) and be able to take and upload video evidence for assessment purposes.

AP200.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.05
AP301.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0333
AP3.01.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
HS310.3 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP302.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP303.3 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP304.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP305.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP306.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP309.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP309.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
EXAM 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP307.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.125
AP307.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP310.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP210.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025

AP200.1 Describe bee anatomy, bee behaviour and bee habitat

AP301.2 Construct a beehive

AP3.01.1 Describe apicultural equipment and their purpose

HS310.3 Demonstrate knowledge of safe work practices and work safely with bees

AP302.2 Work a hive over a beekeeping season

AP303.3 Swarm control

AP304.1 Demonstrate understanding of seasonal management of an apiary

AP305.1 Shift hives

AP306.2 Requeen a hive

AP309.1 Demonstrate knowledge of honey processing

AP309.2 Carry out manual honey extraction

EXAM : Complete the 'American Foulbrood (AFB) recognition and destruction' course

AP307.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the main health issues associated with bees in New Zealand

AP307.2 Maintain a health beehive

AP310.1 Describe bee feeding, feeders and types of feed

AP210.2 Feed bees

Could include:

  • Commercial apicultural worker
  • Beekeeper’s assistant
  • Junior beekeeping position
  • Starting up a small apicultural

We strongly recommend that you also connect with a local beekeeping club/group or buddy up with a local beekeeper. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps and precautions to keep yourself safe while studying this programme. 

Materials supplied by SIT:

Beesuit, smoker, gloves and hive tool
Hive kitset: 
Base, full depth brood box, feeder, queen excluder, hive lid, entrance reducer, 2x 3/4 depth boxes, full depth wooden frames, wire, foundation, 3/4 depth plastic frames, beeswax, hive mat, hive strap, nails and screws
3 prescribed textbooks
  • Beesuit, smoker, gloves and hive tool
  • Hive kitset
  • 3 prescribed textbooks
Gear and equipment students must provide or have access to:
  • At least a dozen established hives (that have been wintered)
  • Access to a camera/phone to take video evidence for assessment and to be able to upload this to Blackboard along with personal identification
  • Access to apiary
  • Access to plants and flowers (for plant collection assessment)
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Wiring board, wax embedder, hammer, drill, drill bits and screw driver bits, paint and associated painting equipment or wax dipper and wax for boxes.  
  • Caged queen or queen cell (incubator if queen cell to be used)
  • Trailer or ute and tiedowns
  • Sugar syrup
  • Access to a honey plant 
  • Box of capped honey, manual extractor, hot knife, buckets, filters, labels, pottles, capping scratches, wax processing
  • Provide own transport at own cost to a venue where an AFB course this will be offered:




Students must achieve a pass in each course and a total of 65 credits as noted in the programme of study to be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3).

The following three textbooks will be provided free of charge:
  • Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand – Matheson & Reid
  • Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the use of Drugs – Goodwin
  • Control of Varroa – A guide for New Zealand Beekeepers – Goodwin & Taylor

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