ITP Research Symposium 2022 Book of Abstracts
Publish Date: Saturday, 31 December 2022

Dr James Savage & Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen (Eds.)


ITP Research Symposium 2022 Book of Abstracts

Editors: Dr James Savage and Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen

ISBN: 978-0-473-66652-1



In 2022 the New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP) Research Symposium was hosted in Invercargill by the Southern Institute of Technology. The ITP symposium brings together staff and postgraduate students from across the sector to present research, network, and collaborate. Several different presentation options were available, and meetings were convened for ‘Research Communities of Practice’ (RCoP) in key research areas for the sector, each led by a panel of experts.

Abstract submissions were open from 15 June to 5 September, and all abstracts were peer reviewed. The symposium took place on 30 November to 2 December at Te Rau o te Huia, the SIT Centre for Creative Industries. Abstracts of accepted submissions that were presented at the symposium are published in the following book of abstracts alongside presenters’ names, affiliations, and a corresponding author email address.

During 2022, all ITPs became business divisions within a single entity: Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. As the transition to Te Pūkenga occurred on different dates for different ITPs, with all ITPs transitioning before the symposium, for consistency all ITP affiliations are listed as ‘ITP name, Te Pūkenga’.

The symposium was organized and this book of abstracts edited by Dr James Savage (SIT Research Coordinator) and Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen (SIT Research Manager).