Tamara Sands
Publish Date: Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Tamara Sands

Jeff Farm Scholarship Recipient 2020

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Telford student Tamara Sands is thrilled to receive a Jeff Farm Scholarship this year, assisting her with accommodation costs while she completes her Certificate in Farming Systems and Equipment.   She’s taking her first steps in agriculture at Telford, gaining relevant training she intends to use as she starts her career in farming.


Tamara chose to study at Telford because she’s gaining a range of new skills she didn’t have prior to enrolling.


“Our course is not only theory but also practical which means we get a lot of hands-on training. We get to go out on work experience so we learn other people’s ways of doing things. I also love training my dog on campus too. So I chose Telford for all of these reasons as it will be a huge help to the start of my farming career”.


The well-equipped rural campus has kennels on site, allowing for students to have their own farm dog while they study, which they will train themselves under the expert guidance from Telford tutors. This rewarding experience - teaching students skills they’ll continue to use during their farming career, is frequently mentioned as a highlight of Telford.  


“I also chose Telford because they have dog kennels on site and we are allowed to have a heading pup that they help us train up and by the end we should have a decent idea on how to train one”.


Tamara’s studying Farming Systems and Equipment (Sheep, Beef and Dairy), (level 3). She said they learn a bit of everything and get the basic training on driving tractors, quad bikes, LUV’s and 2-wheelers. They also gain experience with stock work and training a pup.


The qualification gives students a good foundation in: Health and Safety, Soils, Growing and using pasture, Animal health and welfare, Animal breeding and production, Technology on farm, Sustainable practices, Vehicle operation, Personal wellbeing and Farm maintenance.


Tamara says the component she’s enjoyed learning about the most is livestock health and welfare and getting the practical experience doing it. Working with sheep - ear tagging, drenching, vaccinating, moving them to a new paddock, break fencing, etc. She says they’re also getting this training with dairy cows.


The Edmund Sanderson Jeff Farm Training Award, has assisted hundreds of young farmers in their pursuit of farming as a career.  Jeff Farm is owned by the Salvation Army and overseen by an experienced board from the farming sector. Jeff Farm scholarships assist those who have challenges and obstacles to overcome, helping them to achieve their study goals with less stress.


There are young people who are really keen to get a start in agriculture, but may be struggling in some way. It might be financial, it could be their health or another reason. Unlike other funds, the Jeff Farm Scholarship programme deliberately focuses on providing where there is a need.


Tamara’s very pleased to be a recipient of the Jeff Farm Scholarship, as it reduces her living costs.

“I am very grateful that I was awarded this because it is a huge help in paying off my accommodation”.


Tamara hopes to gain employment after completing her certificate. “The course I am doing means I learn skills and knowledge I did not have before attending, that will help me a lot in the farming industry...I plan on using my qualification to get my first full-time job on a sheep and beef farm and eventually want end up on a high country station”.