Students enrolled at Southern Institute of Technology shall at all times behave with consideration towards fellow students and members of staff and other SIT stakeholders.


In particular, students are required:

  1. To complete enrolment procedures and make arrangements for the payment of any applicable fees, before attending classes.
  2. To comply with the stated provisions of the Zero Fees Scheme in order to retain their eligibility (where applicable).
  3. To attend all scheduled classes in which they are enrolled. Any student who is unable to attend a class should telephone the teaching staff member concerned, the Faculty Administrator, or other designated person. Any student missing a scheduled class without prior notice and/or a genuine reason, will be recorded as absent from that class.
  4. Not to engage in any behaviour which disrupts the study or campus environment or affects the physical or emotional wellbeing of other students, staff or members of the community.
  5. To observe all regulations governing the use and misuse of computing equipment, including software piracy, after-hours laboratory use, and e-mailing, accessing or downloading any prohibited or offensive material.
  6. To abide by the health and safety procedures established by SIT, including the wearing of designated protective clothing (including footwear and safety glasses) for specified areas or activities.
  7. To refrain from using cellular phones for any purpose during any timetabled class or assessment.
  8. To comply with all expectations of conduct during assessments and examinations, and not to engage in any malpractice, which may misrepresent results or otherwise give one student an unfair advantage over others.
  9. To respect the intellectual property of others and throughout the course of study avoid plagiarism through use of appropriate referencing and acknowledgements.
  10. To conduct themselves appropriately during any field or study trip or participating in any off-site activity arranged by SIT. Alcohol is not to be consumed on any field trip or in any SIT vehicle.
  11. To act responsibly and follow supervisors’ directions, whilst undertaking off-site practical or workplace activities, or participating in any off-site activity organised by SIT.
  12. To return all SIT property in their possession – including library books – upon completing a course of study.
  13. To respect the environment by refraining from littering, and by not damaging or defacing any SIT property.
  14. To comply with the non-smoking regulations governing all SIT buildings and vehicles.
  15. To obey all directives while driving on SIT property, including speed limits and parking restrictions.
  16. To refrain from bringing alcohol onto SIT property, and not to attend any class under the influence of alcohol.
  17. To observe current legislation which prohibits the use or possession of drugs. Any student suspected of carrying or using illegal drugs on SIT property, will be reported to the police.