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Getting Started as Student

1.    IDs are processed through class bookings. Check with your tutor for ID booking times and location. Check with Administration for booking times if you miss the class booking.
2.    You must bring you Student ID number with you when you get your Student ID card.
3.    Once your contract is signed and processed by Administration it may take up to 24 hours before your email account and ID card are active.
4.    If you damage or lose your ID, it will cost $25 for a replacement.
5.    Putting holes in IDs to place them on a key ring may result in destroying the ID and costing you $25.
6.    IDs can be used in some local shops for student discounts.
7.    Access levels for “Card Entry” into buildings/rooms is matched with the course you are doing.
8.    If after 48 hours, your card does not work, you can drop into the Facilities Office or email facilities_ with: your card number (see reverse side of card), your Student ID number, and your name stating the exact times and places where your card did not work.
9.    You do not need your ID card for computer access, but you do need to be fully enrolled.

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If your programme of study is eligible for a student ID card, your Programme Manager will organise a class timeslot to get these. Administration has alternative timeslots. Cards are only valid for the year printed on the card. Replacement cards are $25.

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  1. You must be a fully enrolled student and know your student ID number.
  2. To be a fully enrolled student you must have:
    • Submitted all required information on your enrolment form
    • Supplied proof of identity (eg. with a verified copy of your birth certificate)
    •  Signed your contract
    • Handed your signed contract into the administration team as early as possible to give staff time to process your enrolment
    • Advised administration how your fees will be paid (eg StudyLink, cheque, cash, other)
  3. Your photo will be taken once you have started your classes and your ID will be processed accordingly.
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