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Only if you are at the end of one programme and would like to study full-time, then you can apply for another programme. In all other cases you should complete one programme before starting a new one.

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Yes, provided you are a New Zealand citizen you can undertake study with SIT2LRN from anywhere in the world and access the Zero Fees Scheme.

If you are not a NZ citizen you may still study whilst overseas, but you will not be eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme.

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As a guideline, one credit equates to approximately 10 hours of study. For example, a 15-credit paper equates to 150 hours of study. Spread over a 17-week intake, the average study time per week is approximately 9 hours.


All papers selected within an intake must be completed within that intake unless a transfer is requested (see: "Can I transfer into another intake?").


Students should enrol in alternate intakes to avoid date overlaps.


If you need to study full-time to access loans and allowances please contact Studylink for guidance on the number of credits you need to take per intake (

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All SIT2LRN courses may be completed part-time.  On your enrolment form, select the papers you would like to complete during each intake.

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All assignments have due dates which need to be met. All of your assignment due dates can be found on Blackboard by going into any paper in which you are enrolled and clicking on Calendar on the left of the page. 

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The Zero Fees Scheme applies to all SIT2LRN programmes. Usually there are no tuition fees as long as you are a NZ citizen or permanent resident (residing in NZ). Students do however need to pay Student Direct Material costs and some courses require textbooks that you’ll need to buy while studying with SIT2LRN. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress to retain your Zero Fees Scheme entitlement.


Students should consider the following additional study costs:

All courses: 

  • Computer and Internet access
  • Personal stationery etc.
  • Each application received for processing incurs a non-refundable $50 administration fee.

Some courses:

  • Required textbooks (may also be available for loan through the SIT Library)
  • Specific software and/or equipment requirements for some courses (e.g. - Diploma in Digital Film/Photography)
  • Cost of applying to NZQA for your New Zealand Certificate or Diploma on the completion of your qualification (currently $15.30).

If you are an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident you must physically reside in NZ while studying to be eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme. Alternatively, if you wish to study in Australia, then you have the option to pay as an international student. International students should contact SIT to enquire about course costs.


The Zero Fees Scheme is available as a result of community funding and present Government policies. Although not foreseen, SIT is unable to guarantee ongoing Zero Fees Scheme provision should present funding arrangements and/or Government policies be reviewed. 

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You will need a computer (PC or Mac) capable of running a modern browser supported by our LMS system, Blackboard. You can view the browsers currently supported by Blackboard here, or contact us for advice.

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Yes, you must have access to the internet and a computer. Internet access may be through a home connection or other reliable source such as your local library. All communication between your and your facilitator must be via your SIT email address. All course materials and assignments details are on Blackboard, and assignments must be submitted through SafeAssign in Blackboard.

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Applications for the following year will start becoming available on the SIT website from mid-October onwards. 

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Your facilitator is always your first point of contact for help. Email details for your facilitator are located on the programme page in Blackboard. They will also have posted an announcement at the start of the course giving their contact details.
If you are still struggling, contact the SIT2LRN on 0800 4 0 3337, or by email to discuss your options.

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